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3rd TECNIT PhD Workshop

Jornada DoctoradoOn March 4th, 2016 we organized the 3rd TENIT PhD Workshop.

Like previous editions, the workshop consisted in seminars and conferences by experts in subjects related to the research actcivity at TECNIT.

This time, we had seminars by Dr. Javier González Jiménez, from Universidad de Málaga, entitled ADVANCES IN ROBOTICS PERCEPTION WITH 3D CAMERAS, and Dr. Juan Campos Coloma, from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, entitled ADVANCES IN OPTICAL POLARIMETRY: DEVICES AND APPLICATIONS.

In addition, we had another seminar by Dr. Francisco Javier Badesa Clemente, former TECNIT student, and Extraordinary Doctorate Award in the academic year 2015-16, entitled ROBOTICS FOR REHABILITATION.

Finally the Workshop ended with some short presentations by those students who had to pass the annual evaluation by the Academic TECNIT Commission.

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2nd TECNIT PhD Workshop

Jornada Doctorandos 2015On May 4th 2015, the 2nd TECNIT PhD Workshop was held at the Quorum V building.

This year, the workshop included two conferences: ‘THE RESEARCH CAREER FROM MY PERSONAL POINT OF VIEW (LA¬†CARRERA INVESTIGADORA DESDE MI EXPERIENCIA PERSONAL)‘, by Dr.¬†Miguel √Āngel S√°nchez Soriano, from Instituto de Telecomunicaciones y Aplicaciones Multimedia (iTEAM), Universidad Polit√©cnica de Valencia, former student of TECNIT and Extraordinary Doctorate Award in the 2014‚Äź15 acadmic year, and ‘HUMAN ROBOTICS ‚ÄďROBOTICS OF HUMAN, ROBOTICS FOR HUMANS‘, by Prof.¬†Etienne Burdet, from Imperial College, London (United Kingdom).

Then, the TECNIT PhD students presnted the state of their research to the TECNIT Academic Comission as well as to the rest of the public.

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Agreement for joint Doctorate between TECNIT-UMH and CINVESTAV-Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados, México

IMG_9035 (2)

TECNIT-UMH signed an agreement for joint doctorate program with CINVESTAV-Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados, from Instituto Politécnico Nacional de México. This agreement concerns TECNIT PhD program with the PhD Program on Engineering and Biomedical Physics from CINVESTAV, Unidad Monterrey.

The picture shows the momento of the agreement signature, with the UMH vicerector for International Relations, Prof. Manuel Jordán, the coordinator of TECNIT program, Prof. Ignacio Moreno, Prof. José María Azorín, who promoted this agreement, and the student Rocío Salazar, first student with access to this joint doctorate program. This agreement results from the collaboration of the UMH laboratory Brain-Machine Interface Systems Lab, and the CINVESTAT laboratory on Medical Signal Processing.

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TECNIT launches a new promotional video

TECNIT, in collaboration with SIATDI –¬†Servicio de Innovaci√≥n y Apoyo T√©cnico a la Docencia y a la Investigaci√≥n ‚Äst¬†launches a new promotional video:

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TECNIT successfully cellebrates its 1st PhD Students Workshop

Jornada DoctorandosTECNIT csuccessfully cellebrated on May 12th, 2014 the 1st edition of the PhD Students Workshop. This workshop included three presentations by Mart√≠n Mart√≠nez, from the company ¬†Graphenano S.L., (Aplicaciones pr√°cticas del grafeno: Nuevos materiales para construir el presente),¬†Daniel Puerto, from CNRS-LP3 ‚Äď Lasers, Plasmas et Proc√©d√©s Photoniques, en Marseille (France), (T√©cnicas l√°ser para la fabricaci√≥n y caracterizaci√≥n de micro y nano-dispositivos), and¬†Jos√© Luis Pons, from the Bioengineering Group from CSIC, Arganda del Rey, Madrid (Robots vestibles).

Additionally, htere was other 12 panel presentations from our different students.

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Ignacio Moreno elected Fellow of SPIE – The International Society for Optics & Photonics

Fellows Moreno smallIgnacio Moreno han been recetnly elected as Fellow member of SPIE РThe International Society for Optics and Photonics, in recognition to his achievements in applications of liquid-crystal spatial light modulators in diffractive optics and polarization optics.

SPIE is a scientific society with more than 17.000 members along the world. Fellows are Members of distinction who have made significant scientific and technical contributions in the multidisciplinary fields of optics, photonics, and imaging. They are honored for their technical achievement, for their service to the general optics community.

The picture shows Ignacio Moreno and Philip Stahl, 2014 SPIE President, in the  new SPIE Fellow Welcoming Reception in the meeting Photonics Europe recently held in Brussels, from April 13th to 16th.

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Starts the new TECNIT PhD Program

Logo TECNIT - SmallThe new PhD Program in Industrial & Telecommunications Technology ‚Äď TECNIT, started on October 1st, 2013. This Doctoral Program is adapted to the current Spanish law,¬†Real Decreto 99/2011, de 28 de enero de 2011, that regulates the oficial Doctoral studies, and substitutes the equivalent previous Program held at University Miguel Hernandez.

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