Collaborating Companies

Spin-off companies developed by members of the TECNIT PhD Program:

Emxys Emxys, Embedded Instruments and Systems S.L.

Company located in the Scienctific and Business Park of UMH, specialized in the design, development and manufacture of electronic integrated systems for instrumentation, data acquisition and control applications in aviation, space and defense including commercial, military and scientific applications..

Instead Instead, Technologies for Helping People, S.L.

Innovative company located in Elche, whose purpose is the research, development, manufacturing, marketing, service delivery and exploitation of technologies applied to the field of health technology, particularly products for neuro-rehabilitation and robot-assisted tools.

SeethroughSeethrough S.L.

Company located in the Scientific and Business Park of UMH, dedicated to the development of active vision systems based on laser illumination. The systems developed by this company allows capturing images in adverse conditions for conventional cameras.



Collaborating Companies


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