Offices for Student Support

Office for Academic Affairs
This office is devoted to the administrative coordination and management of all the studies offered at the university, including Doctoral Programs. This office includes a Student Attention Offices for students’ support and advice.

Occupational Observatory, Employment and Entrepeneurship Service,

The mission of this service is to increase the employability of the graduates of the UMH, including doctoral students. Among its activities include advising on the preparation of the curriculum, preparing interviews, networking, etc.. It has the MENTORING program – Professional Development and Entrepreneurship, for the guidance and advice of professionals from different sectors of the business world. The Observatory also offers practical information on job offers, courses and conferences and access to business. These activities not only focus on Spain, but also include international performances. The goal is also to open doors to foreign students and carry out activities  anywhere in the world.

Campus Management Centers,
These offices are responsible for coordinating all services, both internal and external, that are necessary for the proper and smooth functioning of the campus administrative activities related to teaching, research and the general services of the University, including the application and registration processes.

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