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Logo TECNIT - SmallThe Doctoral Program in Industrial and Telecommunications Technologies РTECNIT aims to provide society with scientits and reserachers in the technological fields related to Industrial Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering. It is a Doctoral Program already adapted to the current Spanish law (Real Decreto de Doctorado 99/2011), and it is a continuation of the previous related program.

TECNIT¬†represents the higher level of education after previous aducation at the degreesand master levels in Industrial or Telecommunication engineering.¬†TECNIT¬†includes among its staff the professors and research groups mainly involved at the¬†Polytechnical School of Elche¬†(Escuela Polit√©cnica Superior de¬†Elche – EPSE),¬†from the University Miguel Hern√°ndez –¬†UMH.¬†TECNIT¬†relies on the academic trajectory of its research staff, the economical relevance of the developed advances, the complementarity of the fields of researc, and the numerous and fruitful collaborations with other universities, reserach centers and companies, both spanish and international.

TECNIT PhD is organized ar0und four big areas of reserach of the current Engineering and technological fields:

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The research staff participating in TECNIT PhD belong to the following Departments of UMH, which are the main core of the degrees offered at EPSE:

The reseaech staff is mostly integrated within the following recognized reserach groups (Registro de Grupos de Investigación de la UMH):

  • Group of Computer Arquitecture & Technology,
  • Gruop of Automation, Robotics & Computer Vision,
  • Group of Organic & Hybrid Organic Optoelectronic Devices (Polymer-Nanoparticles),
  • Group of Energetic Engineering,
  • Group of Biomedical Neuroengineering,
  • Group of Optical & Optoelectronic Technologies,
  • Group of Radiofrequency Systems,
  • Group of Photonic Systems.
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