Javier Goz√°lvez awarded by the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society

14-09-15-Premio Javier GozálvezThe IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) awarded Javier Gozálvez, for his contributions in the international conference  IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference 2015 Spring (IEEE VTC 2015 Spring). Javier Gozálvez wascopresident of this conference.

This meeting held its 81th edition in Glasgow (UK), and it is one of the main international cientific conferences in the field of mobile and wireless communications.

Javier Gozalvez was awarded during the IEEE VTC Fall meeting, held recently in Boston (USA)

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María de Mar Sánchez-López recognized as SPIE Senior Member

MMar Senior - SmallMar√≠a del Mar S√°nchez L√≥pez has been recognized as Senior Member of SPIE ‚Äď The International Society for Optics and Photonics. She received this recognition during the SPIE Optics & Photonics¬†meeting held in San Diego during August 2015, 9th to 13th.

The complete list of new SPIE Senior members can be viewed in: link

SPIE Senior Members are Members of distinction who will be honored for their professional experience, their active involvement with the optics community and SPIE, and/or significant performance that sets them apart from their peers.

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2nd TECNIT PhD Workshop

Jornada Doctorandos 2015On May 4th 2015, the 2nd TECNIT PhD Workshop was held at the Quorum V building.

This year, the workshop included two conferences: ‘THE RESEARCH CAREER FROM MY PERSONAL POINT OF VIEW (LA¬†CARRERA INVESTIGADORA DESDE MI EXPERIENCIA PERSONAL)‘, by Dr.¬†Miguel √Āngel S√°nchez Soriano, from Instituto de Telecomunicaciones y Aplicaciones Multimedia (iTEAM), Universidad Polit√©cnica de Valencia, former student of TECNIT and Extraordinary Doctorate Award in the 2014‚Äź15 acadmic year, and ‘HUMAN ROBOTICS ‚ÄďROBOTICS OF HUMAN, ROBOTICS FOR HUMANS‘, by Prof.¬†Etienne Burdet, from Imperial College, London (United Kingdom).

Then, the TECNIT PhD students presnted the state of their research to the TECNIT Academic Comission as well as to the rest of the public.

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TECNIT-UMH signs a double doctorate agreement with the Kaunas University of Technology

23-04-05-Universidad LituaniaThe UMH and the Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) in Lithuania have signed a specific agreement on double doctorate, which allow students to obtain doctorates by both institutions, after a min9imum period of research of nine months in the other institution.

The agreement has been signed by the UMH Vice-rector of International Relations at the UMH, Prof. Manuel Jordan, the coordinator of the TECNIT PhD Program, Prof. Ignacio Moreno, the Vice-President for Research of the KTU, Prof. Asta Pundziene, and Coordinator of the KTU PhD Program in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Prof. Liudas Mazeika.

This agreement has been promoted by Prof. Alberto Rodríguez, from the UMH Department of Communications Engineering, who works for years with the KTU in various research projects and educational activities.

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Javier Goz√°lvez elected executive vicepresident of the IEEE VTS international society

30-03-15-Javier Gozalvez

Javier Gozálvez has been elected as executive vicepresident of the international scientific society IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (IEEE VTS). Since January 2011 Dr. Gozálvez is member of the Board of Governors of this society.

The IEEE VTS society is part of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE, the greatest professional association in ht eworld in the field of new technologies, with more than  395.000 members in more than 160 countries, and with 38 scientific and technical societies in different sectors like telecomunicacions, electronics, informatics, aeronautics, robotics or photonics.

The IEEE VTS society is related to technical activities in the field of mibile and wireless communications, transportaion intelligent systems, and automobile alectronics. The name of the society origins in Detroit in 1949, when american engineers created a proffessional group centered on vehicular radiocomunications (the first mobile communication systems were installed in the Detroit police vehicles).

On th eother hand, Dr. Goz√°lvez received the accessit to the prize ‚ÄúJuan L√≥pez de Pe√Īalver‚ÄĚ, from the Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain (Real Academia de Ingenier√≠a). The prize recognizes researchers and engineers younger than 40 that have done relevant innovations, profdessional contributions or singular works in any field of the spanish engineering.

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Agreement for joint Doctorate between TECNIT-UMH and CINVESTAV-Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados, México

IMG_9035 (2)

TECNIT-UMH signed an agreement for joint doctorate program with CINVESTAV-Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados, from Instituto Politécnico Nacional de México. This agreement concerns TECNIT PhD program with the PhD Program on Engineering and Biomedical Physics from CINVESTAV, Unidad Monterrey.

The picture shows the momento of the agreement signature, with the UMH vicerector for International Relations, Prof. Manuel Jordán, the coordinator of TECNIT program, Prof. Ignacio Moreno, Prof. José María Azorín, who promoted this agreement, and the student Rocío Salazar, first student with access to this joint doctorate program. This agreement results from the collaboration of the UMH laboratory Brain-Machine Interface Systems Lab, and the CINVESTAT laboratory on Medical Signal Processing.

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Aida S√°nchez Mero√Īo defends her PhD Thesis ‚ÄúSlow and fast light in multiple-beam interferometers, mono- and multi-layer systems‚ÄĚ

Tesis Aida S√°nchezAida S√°nchez Mero√Īo succesfully defended her PhD Thesis entitled ‚ÄúSlow and fast light in multiple-beam interferometers, mono- and multi-layer systems‚ÄĚ on March 26th, 2015. The thesis received the maximum mark (excellent Cum Laude), and it has been supervised by Dr. Mar√≠a del Mar S√°nchez, from the Departament of Applied Physics and Computer Science, and Dr. Julia Arias, from the Departament of Materials Science, Optics & Electronic Technology. It has been developed at the Laboratory of Optical and Optoelectronic Technology.

The work deals with the theorethical and experimental study of various photonics systems for the generation of slow and fast light, with potential application in sensing and high resolution interferometry. The results have been published in four papers published in journals from the first JCR quartile like Applied Physics Letters, IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics and Physical Review A.

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Nicolás García coordinates a European project about multimodal interfaces ot assist disabled people

03-02-15-proyecto-europeoDr. Nicol√°s Garc√≠a, profesor of the Biomedical Neuroengineeirng Group, coordinates a European research project entitled ‚ÄúAIDE – Adaptive Multimodal Interfaces to Assist Disabled People in Daily Activities”. The goal of this study is to contribute to develop improvements in the user-technology multimodal¬†interface, with modularity and adaptability to diabled people. The budget of the project is¬†3,4 million euros, and it is composed of 9 ¬†institutions and companies from Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain.

The project is financed by tje Horizon 2020 european program, and will be developed for three years.

In addition to Prof. García, the UMH team includes Prof. Eduardo Fernández and Prof. José María Sabater, from the UMH Biomedical Neuroengineeirng Group

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Dr. Miguel √Āngel S√°nchez Soriano receives the Extraordinary Doctoral Award

Miguel Angel SS - SmallMiguel √Āngel S√°nchez Soriano, doctor from TECNIT Doctoral Program with the PhD Thesis entitled “Advanced design methods of microwave planar filters” was selected as one of the doctors from UMH receiving the Extraordinary Doctoral Award. He received this distinction on January 28th, 2015, during the St. Thomas Academic event.

Dr. S√°nchez Soriano is currently post-doctoral researcher at Polytechnical University of Valencia in the frame of the “Juan de la Cierva” Program.

The picture shows Dr. S√°nchez Soriano with his PhD supervisors, Dr. Germ√°n Torregrosa and Dr.Enrique Bronchalo, and with the TECNIT Coordinator, Dr. Ignacio Moreno.

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José María Azorín gave a seminar at Columbia University in New York

2014-11-17 Azorin Conferencia ColumbiaJos√© Mar√≠a Azorin gave a seminar on “Neuro-interfacing with robotic Exoskeletons” on November¬†18th at the Medical Center of Columbia University in New York (USA).

In this seminar different brain-machine interfaces developed at UMH were presented, designed to interact with robotic exoskeletons for rehabilitation therapies.

This conference is part of the series of seminars held in the fall semester on Technology and Medicine at Columbia University and is organized jointly by the School of Engineering and the University Medical Center.

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