Research Lines

TECNIT PhD Program is organized around four research groups, each one centered in one big fundamental area of modern Enginreering:


These are two key disciplines for industrial and technological development. They conform numerous common processes and systems, with enourmous and growing soicial impact. In the near future, it is expected meny new advances in the application of current researchs now limited to industrial or even laboratory environment. This jump will be done in areas where our researchers are involved.


The specific research lines that are developed in this field are:

  • robotics,
  • optoelectronics,
  • automation and control processes,
  • teleoperated systems,
  • computer vision,
  • computational methods for industry.



Photonics is considered as one of the areas with increasing importance in Engineering. Optical communication systems, or industrial and biological processes driven by light and laser technology are examples of their field od actuation. In fact, this discipline has been declared by the European Union as one of the 5 KET – Key Enabling Technologies, with a expected investment of 1.795 Keuros for the 2014-2020 period.


Within this line, we develop researchs in the following fields:

  • laser systems,
  • photonic processing systems,
  • optical modulators,
  • displays and image processing,
  • diffractive and polarization optics 



Energy processing systems and increased energy efficiency is one of the great challenges of today’s engineering, with great economical impact.



In this area we conduct research developed in the following areas:

  • control and power systems for industrial and aerospace applications,
  • energy efficiency analysis of equipments and systems,
  • thermal plant analysis,
  • techniques for improved heat transfer.



The information & communication technologies (ICT) play a key role in the technological development worldwide. The ICT sector includes telecommunications services, information technology, telecommunication industries, consumer electronics, professional electronics, electronic components, digital content. In 2011 this sector showed a market of 85.073 million euros, with a direct employment of 386,000 people (according to sources AMETIC 2011 Annual Report).


Within this line we address the following reserach topics:

  • antennas in planar technology,
  • filters and passive microwave devices for communications,
  • mobile communications (multi-hop cellular networks and heterogeneous networks),
  • multihop wireless networks (MANET, VANET, WSN, WSN industrial, etc.),
  • hardware design of multimedia devices,
  • image and video coding,
  • parallel computing,
  • assessment and modeling of web architectures.





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